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Timor Leste – New Women’s Club

A new programme has been implemented at the Bairo Pite Clinic of which part of it is to enable women to be educated in Family Planning.

Here is a condensed extract from a recent letter received from the Clinic Manager, Fi Oakes…

The project commenced in November, where visits were conducted at 5 of the sites we thought were appropriate, and their needs assessed.

We have introduced the concept of a Womens Club and have come up with a name which is Hakbi’it Feto (which means empowering women).

We have had meetings with all Midwives, and subsequently recruited a further 2 midwives who are currently in the orientation phase and family planning capacity development.

We have purchased the car, which was urgently needed.

The next steps will be a second introductory visit to the sites with the implementation of the workshop to begin shortly.

The Midwives will be commencing home visits this week, and the First Mums club is to be held in the first week in February.

This is very exciting indeed and we pray that this will greatly help each community that the Midwives visit.