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Myanmar – Update

An update from Dr Sasa in Myanmar…..

“It’s so good to hear from you, we miss you so much, we often think about you and all friends in Australia, I cannot wait to come back there, I think it will be great to plan …to visit there?

We are today submitting the grant application to Australia embassy in Yangon, since you have put us to in contact with Australia embassy we keeps communicating but we have not received practical helps from them, we are hoping and praying that this time they will grant us as we need lots of fund for building study centre in lailenpi, this year there about 502 who appeared for class ten examination in lailenpi but only 8 students passed, its very worries and concerning situation for new generation of our people, so we have decided to build study centre where students can come and learn and also have food.

 It will be really and really great if HART- Australia can please help us with this study centre project, below I cut and paste about this project which we submit to Australia embassy in Yangon.

 Study Centre & Community Farm – Hope for a future generation

Children in Chin State face a myriad of challenges in their attempts to secure a basic education at primary and secondary level. Rugged geography, a scattered population, natural disasters, food insecurity, teaching in non-ethnic languages and challenges in retaining teachers have led to the highest rate of household poverty (73%) in Myanmar, a drop-out rate of 18% of children by grade 5 and a dismal rate of 8% of children passing grade 10 in the rural areas. Specifically, in 2016, only 8 out of 502 children (under 2%) passed their grade 10 exams in Lailenpi Town in western Chin State.

Since 2009, Health and Hope have been running a Freedom to Education Project (FEP) for the small minority of students that pass their grade 10 exams.  In 2015, 74% of our Year 12 students passed their final exams with 88% achieving 1st or 2nd division passes. This was a significant achievement for students coming from subsistence farming backgrounds, many with illiterate parents.  Students from our education programme have gone on to study in universities abroad in topics such as medicine, engineering and business administration and are committed to returning to Chin State after their studies.

We would like to replicate the success of our FEP students through equipping a study centre for children in Lailenpi Town to tackle the multi-dimensional aspects of poverty that prevent primary and secondary students from rural areas attaining a basic education.  The study centre will serve four functions:

  1. Provide supplementary food to undernourished and malnourished children
  2. Provide a library of educational materials to support their studies
  3. Provide a safe place to study
  4. Provide a range of well-equipped tutors; graduates returning from our FEP for out-of-school study support

 Alongside the Study Centre, villagers would like to set up a Community Farm to be maintained by the school children.  The children will be taught basic animal husbandry and how to care for communal gardens.  Each student will be allocated a small plot.  After the initial investment, the Community Farm will contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the Study Centre by addressing the nutritional component of the children’s needs. Educational material, livestock and agricultural produce shown in the budget are one-off investment costs.

Health and Hope are honoured to have HRH Prince of Wales as our Patron. We are currently in the process of requesting the use of HRH’s name for use in the study centre: HRH Prince of Wales Study Centre, Lailenpi.

More information about our work can be found on www.healthandhope.org

This is so great to hear about what is happening especially with the Health and Hope project, that we are thinking of getting Dr Sasa out for another visit next year, to hear firsthand of the awesome things happening around him.