HART Australasia

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust


Recently Hart has had a couple of small fundraisers, one in Pymble, Sydney and another in Robina on the Gold Coast.

The Robina fundraiser was called a ‘clothing swap’ where people came with clothes that were no longer needed but were still good enough to sell onto others. They would bring the clothes in, put them on racks for sale, and then purchase someone else’s clothes for a small amount.

Devonshire teas were put on by some lovely ladies, tables set around for afternoon tea and a quick chat from Dr Martin Panter (with a slide show presentation) to share about why we were raising funds for Timor Leiste in particular.

As we move forward we hope to continue with our fundraisers making them a bit more fun and interesting. Stay tuned to hear about other events coming up. Or if you have any brilliant ideas that you would like to do to help raise awareness and funds please contact the Office at xo@hart-australasia.org.