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Ambassador Programme

Ambassadors Programme

Become a HART Ambassador today!

We are looking for creative, motivated and passionate people to become ambassadors of HART – raising awareness of issues that our partners face, advocating for change, and increasing our partners’ support base.

The HART Ambassadors Programme gives you the chance to volunteer for a charity in a meaningful way by raising awareness of human rights abuses that so often go unnoticed and helping to procure invaluable funds for our partners.

To become a certified HART Ambassador, you must complete 5 activities throughout the programme:

  1. Learn about and engage with HART’s work and the work of our partners around the world.
  2. Represent HART amongst your networks, sharing news and information on HART initiatives and events.
  3. Research and write at least two articles on human rights in relation to the countries where we work.
  4. Choose one of the following activities (these can be undertaken as a group): a) Run an awareness-raising event at your school – for example, a film screening, photography exhibition, campaign or demonstration; b) Organise a fundraising event; c) Undertake a sponsored challenge
  5. Volunteer at one or more HART events

We encourage all participants to tailor their contribution to focus on areas that will be most interesting or useful to them in the future.

The activities facilitate the development of valuable skills in fundraising, advocacy and event organisation. On completion of all 5 activities, Students will be awarded with a ‘HART Ambassador’ badge and certificate.