HART Australasia

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

From The Chairman

Roger Chilton Welcome to our new website and to HART Australasia, part of the global HART family. I do hope that the information on our website and the link to HART UK will enable you to understand who we are and our work in the world. I hope you will be willing and able to assist us in our mission and join with us in seeing many people and groups helped through our aid and advocacy work on their behalf.

I got involved with HART by reading an inspiring biography of an outstanding humanitarian leader, Baroness Caroline Cox, and subsequently inviting her to Australia to speak about the work of the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust. Baroness Cox is a remarkable individual with a world-wide network of friends and partners whom she works for through the auspices of HART. Catching her vision for aid and advocacy brought HART Australasia into existence because we felt that this would be the best way to support and advance the work in our region.

In 2009, we formed a registered charity (with tax-deducible status) to enable Australians to join with our friends in the UK and USA to advance the mission and objects of HART. Since then, we have worked in particular with partners in Timor Leste and Burma and recently developed a new partnership with Biaro Pite Clinic in Dili. We are also working with friends in Uganda to support efforts there to end the recent practice of child sacrifice.