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Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

New Op Shop on the Gold Coast

As mentioned in our earlier article, we recently held a ‘clothing swap’ and there were quite a few clothes left over. The lovely ladies who came were happy to donate these to our organisation. It then seemed quite natural to consider opening an ‘Op Shop’.

We put a few feelers out and started looking for premises that would suit our purposes, and it would seem that quite unexpectedly and quite quickly… God provided!

We have been in a bit of a whirlwind regarding it, as it feels that not only did God open doors for us, it feels like he has firmly ushered us through them!! It’s SO exciting to see how God works despite our own apprehensions and short comings. Why do we always get surprised when God says “YES!” ?

The Op Shop will have a dual purpose as we plan on making it our new Office as well.

We are currently negotiating the lease and hope to be in the premises very soon. We will let you know our new address, once things have been finalised and we have moved in.

I’m very excited for this venture and we pray it will provide a steady income for many of the projects we are involved in.