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Sharron Bain Executive Officer
Sharron Bain
Executive Officer

Sharron has recently joined the team at Hart Australasia and has brought with her, administrative and creative abilities to help support the amazing work that Hart is already doing.

Sharron is married to Roger, and has 3 grown children.  She has worked in the Victorian Police Force and also in Retail and Corporate Banking. After having time off to have her family, she returned to the ‘workforce’ by doing some Volunteer work for a couple of years, which lead to her more recent work of helping run an organisation that provides support for people with disabilities.

Her husband became a member of the Hart Board in 2015 and went to Timor Leste with Dr Martin Panter, and so the interest in the Baroness’s work was roused. When the Baroness approached Sharron to use her abilities for Hart, she was keen to jump on board to help the amazing people (in third world countries) who are doing important work under sometimes stressful circumstances.

She looks forward to seeing first hand the work being carried out by our Partners in Burma and Timor Leste, and working alongside the UK organisation.


Ralph Kahn HART's Finance Officer
Ralph Kahn
HART’s Finance Officer




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