Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

The oppressed and persecuted are much more than just statistics;
they are real people with individual faces, voices, hopes and dreams.
No one should be forgotten.

“The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) supports the forgotten people of Europe, Africa and Asia: the oppressed and the persecuted, and often those who are neglected by other organisations, largely out of sight of the world’s media. Its aid is designed to relieve suffering and sow the seeds of longer-term solutions; its advocacy is designed to raise awareness of problems – and solutions – at home and abroad.”

The Baroness Cox of Queensbury, HART founder

What makes HART Australia special? HART Australia differs from other aid and advocacy organisations in that HART Australia combines both Aid and Advocacy in the work that we do. HART Australia believes that only through a twin-track programme of international aid and advocacy can sustainable community development, local ownership and empowerment be achieved.

HART News:

Successful trip by Dr Sasa of Health and Hope in March/April 2013

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